Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the Mike, Tom and Yuri show

We ain't got no place to go
So let's go to the punk rawk show
Darling take me by the hand
We're gonna see a punk rawk band
There's no use in TV shows, radio, or rodeo
Wanna get into the crowd
Wanna hear it played real loud

Ain't got no money to pay
We'll get in anyway
Doesn't matter I dont care
If we do we should share
We're going to the punk rawk show

Yeah, penguins. MxPx akan turun ke Kuala Lumpur 11 December 2009 ni. Dua event punkrock tahun ni, 18 October 2009, No Use For A Name akan buat show. Aku masih tak pasti nak pergi NUFAN tapi yang pasti MxPx adalah event wajib tahun ni. So baby girl, let's go to the punkrock show. Finally MxPx datang gak Malaysia hahahahaha.